Why you shouldn't use a rubbing compound on scratches


Do you have unsightly scratches on your car? If so you might be tempted to use a rubbing compound to get rid of the scratches. However most scratches only scratch the clear coat, and a rubbing compound will remove some of the clear coat around the scratch to smooth out the edges, leaving even less protection for the paint coat underneath.

If you have minor scratches on your car, from keys, road debris, car washes or people just brushing by your car you can now wipe them away easily by wiping an advanced clear coat into the scratch, which makes the scratch disappear, and enhances the protection to your car.

5PD Scratch Treatment is an advanced polymer that fills in scratches in your clear coat, making them nearly invisible to the eye. Using the latest technology 5PD Scratch Treatment does not contain any solvents or other filler, and is activated by the ultraviolet in sunlight.

When exposed to sunlight it hardens into an optically clear protective coat that is three times more scratch resistant that the finish typically applied by the manufacturer.

In addition to removing scratches 5PD Scratch Treatment will also bring life back to faded or oxidized paint, and remove swirls.

Buy Now for only $34.95 and we'll send you a bottle with enough to treat two cars.

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